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I deliver a wide range of affordable training courses and workshops. Make contact if you would like more information and are interested in attending one of these. 

Name it to tame it

This workshop is all about emotion regulation and increasing your emotional intelligence. 

A six-week programme (90 mins per week) exploring the purpose and value of emotions. 

Learn how to recognise emotions, name them and gain some skills for taming them. 



A full day workshop exploring your experiences and patterns of drama,  introducing personalised strategies for restoring calm.

Learn about the triune brain and the effect it has on your day to day functioning. Find out if you get stuck on the drama triangle and explore some personalised strategies for stepping off.

Creative insights

Four experiential workshops introducing four amazing creative techniques to help clients gain new insights and awareness.

Learn how to safely:

  • Introduce an online sand tray experiment,
  • Create a metaphorical listening space
  • Introduce embodied exploration
  • Use Clean Language in your counselling practice.

Suitable for qualified counsellors and counsellors in training - level 4.  

Tools for calm

A creative experiential workshop introducing creative calming and stabilisation techniques. Great for managing stress and anxiety.

Values based living

A ten-week programme to help you create a personalised framework for living. Based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), this programme will help you identify your values for living and encourage you to set some realistic goals that will help you live your life authentically. Learn some great tools, including ways to improve your present moment awareness and the choice point tool. 

How to say it

It's not easy saying no or being assertive with others. This three part workshop introduces a number of tried and tested techniques to help you say what you want and maintain your relationships.