What is coaching?

There really is no limit to the ways in which coaching can be beneficial. I work with people on anything from processing difficult conversations, to setting goals for the future or learning about new skills or knowledge and how they can become a super-charged version of themselves.

My coaching style

I am a Qualified Coach and trained to use an approach called 'Clean Language'. This respectful and creative approach uses metaphors and symbols as part of the process to help you explore and reach positive outcomes which can help you to achieve your coaching aims.

By providing a safe and supportive space, you can feel comfortable exploring new territory and considering new perspectives, which can then lead to transforming your career, lifestyle, or both.

How I work

One of the most positive things about being coached is that it provides you with a supportive relationship where you will always come first.  I often find my priority is simply to listen, certainly when I first work with my clients. Ultimately, though, coaching is about gaining and embracing a different perspective.

I am based on the South Coast of England. I can offer sessions from my home-based therapy room, in the comfort of your own home or in your workplace setting*. I can also deliver coaching online (using Zoom or any other preferred platform).  Telephone and outdoor coaching are other options. [*PLEASE NOTE: Travel costs may be incurred for home visits. A risk assessment will also need to be carried out for all face to face sessions].

Outcome setting

I usually recommend three to five 90-minute coaching sessions depending on your requirements. Coaching can be delivered at intervals of two to four weeks. This allows you time to process and implement anything we may have agreed upon in the session. The first session is used to help you identify clear coaching outcomes and goals. 

Coaching approach

I am trained as a Clean Language coach. I can offer you a pure clean approach or  combine this with other models of coaching using a variety of different tools and techniques. 

*Clean language is a respectful approach that uses symbolic modelling and the Clean Questions of David Grove. 



Workplace coaching

I am able to deliver workplace coaching; either 1-1, as a triad with a manager or as a whole team or group. This can be particularly helpful for new line managers, leadership development, performance management, team development or conflict resolution.    


The number of sessions, rate, method of delivery and payment process will be agreed before the first coaching session is arranged. 

The cost of coaching for individuals and small businesses (3 people or less) is £70 per 90-minute session. There are additional costs for travel or room hire if necessary.